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Rhonda Allison® Products

Rhonda Allison Skin Nutrition blends the best of active
natural ingredients with highly beneficial, scientifically 
developed compounds to create superior treatments
that will transform the condition of your skin, bringing it
to its optimum potential for health and beauty.


Most people under cleanse and over moisturize, but in order
for skin to accept nutrients it must be squeaky clean. This first
step may be the single most important toward healthy skin.

PUMPKIN CLEANSER    $12 (1 oz)    $32 (4 oz)
- With Lactic Acid - A daily cleanser that leaves skin squeaky clean using lactic acid (L) (exfoliation and hydration), pumpkin extracts (digestion and antioxidant support), and beta-carotene (antioxidant and photo protectant).

MILK PLUS    $12 (1 oz)    $32 (4 oz)
Enriched Probiotic CleanserNatural milk, foaming peptides and yogurt extract gently soothes and cleanses skin - great for sensitive, acne, and aged, thin skin.

BETA GREEN TEA CLEANSER    $12 (1 oz)    $32 (4 oz)
Antioxidant Salicylic Wash – An all-purpose foaming wash that cleanses and freshens skin thoroughly, reduces surface oils and enhances the cleaning of problematic, sensitive and rosacea-prone skin.

SKIN BRIGHTENING CLEANSER    $12 (1 oz)    $32 (4 oz)
Pigment Support - Skin Brightening Cleanser is a moisturizing cleanser that helps brighten aging skin and aid with coloration issues.

ALL PURPOSE CLEANSING PADS    $17 (30 pads)    $32 (60 pads)
Salicylic Wipes - Whether used as a second cleanse or quick rinse on the go, All Purpose Cleansing Pads will remove surface residue. An excellent choice for bacteria-prone skin.


B A L A N C E  &  S T R E N G T H E N
A great toner will do what the name implies – get your
skin in shape! These phenomenal lotions and toners are
enriched with nutrients to deliver valuable benefits
for all skin types.

BRIGHTENING PIGMENT LOTION    $16 (1 oz)    $40 (4 oz)
Illuminating Toner – Key brightening agents are partnered with balancing and building nutrients to support skin during the cleansing phase and to assist in brightening skin tone.

RASPBERRY LOTION    $14 (1 oz)    $36 (4 oz)
Phytonutrient Toner – This all-natural, refreshening after-cleanse lotion is supportive for many skin types with its synergistic blend of antioxidants and rejuvenating acids; reduces a shiny appearance due to over-active oil glands.


R E N E W  &  P A M P E R
Unmask your skin’s potential with Rhonda Allison’s
enzymes and masks – concentrations of superior ingredients
to balance, purify, clarify, strengthen, and moisturize.

SKIN BRIGHTENING ENZYME    $15 (.5 oz)    $48 (1.7 oz)
– Pigment Paste – An active enzyme boosted with brighteners that soften and brighten skin. Especially beneficial for dull, uneven skin tone.

DERMA PEEL    $15 (.5 oz)    $38 (1.7 oz)
Papaya Exfoliant – The papaya and pineapple gel-based enzyme has a unique ability to liquefy and then bond together to form a natural granular exfoliation that leaves skin soft, polished, and refreshed.

PUMPKIN PARFAIT ENZYME    $17 (.5 oz)    $52 (1.7 oz)
Pro Collagen Support – This weekly enzyme is perfect for normal to oily skin. The active fruit enzymes polish and buff the skin leaving it bright, smooth and glowing.

GRAPE SEED PARFAIT MASK    $12 (.5 oz)    $42 (1.7 oz)
Weekly Antioxidant Therapy – Grape Seed Parfait Mask is a whipped blend of grape seed extracts and essential oils. Besides giving skin much-needed antioxidants, it leaves skin fresh and soft.

Stimulating Replenish Cream – With its pleasant scent of chocolate and stimulating sensation, Chocolate Antioxidant Mask delivers nurturing, revitalizing, replenishing and rejuvenating benefits to depleted skin. Provides antioxidant support for all skin types.

MILK MASK     $12 (.5 oz)    $42 (1.7 oz)
Vitamin and Protein Enriched Cream – Milk Mask is a vitamin and pure-milk protein mask that offers essential nutrients for the skin. All skin types will respond to the cooling and calming effects of this creamy essence.


C O R R E C T  &  R E B U I L D
Whatever your skin challenge – whether acne, premature
aging, dry skin, discoloration or darkened skin – look to Rhonda
Allison Correctives for the solution – offering an expansive
selection of serious actives for impressive results.

NATURALÉ MEGA BRIGHTENING SERUM    $21 (.5 oz)    $38 (1 oz)
Potent Pigmentation Support – With natural plant extracts and herbs for serious skin brightening and maintenance, this potent non-hydroquinone formula provides antioxidant and moisturizing support for sallow complexions.

C-PEPTIDE COMPLEX    $48 (.5 oz)
Super Antioxidant - C-Peptide Complex combines the antioxidant support of ascorbic acid with an active blend of our collagenboosting peptide for rejuvenating benefits. A must for every skin.

BLEMISH SERUM     $13 (.5 oz)    $21 (1 oz)
With Totarol – A blend of natural ingredients that support problematic skin gently and effectively, enhancing purity and clearing of blemishes.

ORGANIC A COMPLEX    $50 (.5 oz)
Retinol Stem Cell Serum - This unique blend of retinol, organic stem cell technology and organic veggies and herbs lends a gentle, yet potent approach to healthy skin and a flawless complexion with skin renewal and strengthening benefits.

The Gentle Rejuvenator – This corrective serum rejuvenates and balances skin, minimizing excess oil and paving the way for healthy looking skin. Suitable for all skin types, especially rosacea-prone skin.


R E J U V E N AT E  &  R E S T O R E
Begin a skin metamorphosis with exquisite serums
that are loaded with beneficial growth factors, vitamins,
antioxidants, and peptides, which enhance collagen
production and support skin rejuvenation.

SEA GEMS    $24 (.25 oz)    $75 (1 oz)
 – Mitochondria Complex with Stem Cell – Refines the skin’s appearance for a pro-youth look and vibrant glow. Studies have shown plant stem cell technology to enhance mitochondrial abilities and stimulate new cell growth for younger looking skin.

GRAPE SEED HYDRATING SERUM    $16.50 (1 oz)    $30 (1.7 oz)
Antioxidant Concentrate – Grape Seed Hydrating Serum is a concentrate of pure grape seed extract and essential oils. The natural aroma and light, airy feel creates a very pleasant experience while supplying necessary antioxidant support and essential moisture.

ANTIOXIDANT COMPLEX SERUM  $25 (.5 oz)  $40 (1 oz)  $65 (1.7 oz)
Daily Firming Lotion
This serum may be used on all skin types, even acne, providing a powerful boost of antioxidants and instant firming and toning. With regular use skin looks healthier and stronger.

GROWTH FACTOR SERUM    $15 (.25 oz)    $45 (1 oz)    $70 (1.7 oz)
Visible Renew
Expediting healthy looking skin, Growth Factor Serum assists in strengthening the skin and balancing moisture while protecting from free-radical damage. The silky, warm sensation soothes and nurtures skin for day and night protection and skin rejuvenation.

Skin Cocktail – Hydra Complex Serum is a light, all-natural, nutritious day and/or night cocktail for the skin. Skin will welcome the antioxidant support this light serum offers.


R E P L E N I S H  &  M O I S T E N
Eyes reveal the beauty within – don’t let them reveal your age.
Rhonda Allison’s unrivaled eye products are power packed with
advanced active ingredients that diminish fine lines, protect from
premature aging, and restore eyes to a soft, youthful, and
glow appearance.

EYE REVITALIZER    $15 (.25 oz)    $40 (1 oz)
Daytime Eye Refresher – This silky, cooling cream may be applied to tired eyes at the end of a long day to freshen and brighten them up. Eye tissue immediately feels moist and tightened. Apply under or over make-up morning, noon, or night for a quick perk.

MAKE-UP REMOVER    $7 (.25 oz)    $16 (1.7 oz)
– Cleansing Gel for Eyes and Face – Rich in anti-inflammatory and nourishing properties, this cleansing gel gently removes eye make-up and mascara without irritating eyes or skin.

EYE LIFT    $27 (.25 oz)    $69 (1 oz)
– Firming Cream – With fast absorption, this unique wrinkle diminisher firms and renews the eye area for a light lift and a more youthful, rested, brighter appearance.

PEPTIDE 3-N-1 EYE CREAM    $24 (.25 oz)    $65 (1.7 oz)
– Total Eye Care – This light age-defying eye blend will reduce puffy eyes, brighten tired, dull tissue, and minimize fine lines – giving eyes a boost of moisture. 

EYE & LIP REPAIR SERUM    $55 (.25 oz)
– Occlusive Wrinkle Minimizer – This unique and exotic serum melts into delicate eye tissue (above and under eyes), transforming eyes to a more dewy, youthful and softened appearance. Notice a remarkable difference in 30 days of continued use. Watch eyelids become less dry and coarse, and see fine lines diminish.

MOISTURE EYE TREATMENT    $16 (.25 oz)    $42 (1 oz)
– Retinol and Lactic Acid Mask – A nightly moisture eye treatment for home use to lightly exfoliate, repair and regenerate eye tissue.


R E V I T A L I Z E  &  N O U R I S H
Our moisturizers will really get under your skin – in a good way!
Rhonda Allison’s luxurious creams go into the skin to plump and
hydrate while treating skin all day long.

DROP OF ESSENCE HYDRATION DROPS     $14 (.5 oz)    $48 (1.7 oz)
Essential Moisture Serum – Drop of Essence Hydration Drops is a silky, soothing EFA serum that absorbs quickly into skin providing valuable hydration and tissue support, slowing down the signs of aging.

SEA GEMS    $24 (.25 oz)    $75 (1 oz)
– Mitochondria Complex with Stem Cell – Hydrates and helps refine the skin’s appearance for a pro-youth look and vibrant glow. Studies have shown plant stem cell technology to enhance mitochondrial abilities and stimulate new cell growth for younger looking skin. May also be used to reduce heat sensations and sooth skin following peels and microdermabrasion.

EXOTICA RHODIOLA    $25 (.5 oz)    $60 (1.7 oz)
Luxury Moisturizer – Exotica Rhodiola is a blend of very exotic, superbly developed specialty extracts that have potent pro-youth properties. Plant growth factors, anti-inflammatories, antioxidants, thickeners, strengtheners, hydrators, humectants, and wrinkle-reducers support all skin types, especially rosacea-prone skin.

GROWTH FACTOR SERUM>    $15 (.25 oz)    $45 (1 oz)    $70 (1.7 oz)
Visible Renew
Expediting healthy looking skin, Growth Factor Serum assists in strengthening the skin and balancing moisture while protecting from free-radical damage. The silky, warm sensation soothes and nurtures skin for day and night protection and skin rejuvenation.


H Y D R AT E  &  P R O T E C T
With Rhonda Allison Sun Protection, the power
to slow aging is in your hands. Consider that sun
exposure causes 90% of wrinkling – then consider
wearing a sunscreen daily!

eZINC PROTECTION CREAM     $14 (1 oz)    $40 (4 oz)
 Face and Body Mineral Emulsion – The enhanced formula’s light, fast-absorbing base contains a powerhouse of antioxidants to help control free radica ldamage, leaving skin hydrated and protected.

DAYTIME DEFENSE SPF30    $23 (1 oz)    $65 (4 oz)
– Face and Body Protection – For a refined finish to your daily skincare, Daytime Defense is the perfect protection for all skin types. Using zinc oxide to provide a natural sun barrier, this pure, clean formulation protects the skin while providing antioxidant benefits and soothing support without leaving skine white or pasty.